Other life events

Changes in your private life have an influence on your pension. On this page you will find an overview of these changes and what you can or must do for your pension in case of these events.


Getting married, becoming registered partners of signing a cohabitation agreement

You may not immediately think about it when you get married, get a registered partnership or sign a cohabitation agreement, but it is an important moment for your retirement. This is because it is a moment to think about survivor's pension. There is no survivor's pension arranged in our pension scheme for your partner and children if you die. Except if you insure survivors' pension yourself.


How do I insure survivors’ pension?

You can insure survivors’ pension yourself at certain times (within 6 months):

  • when you start a new job in the hospitality or catering industry,
  • when you turn 21,
  • when you marry,
  • when you enter into a registered partnership or sign a cohabitation agreement at a notary,
  • when you get or a adopt a child.

Want to insure survivors’ pension yourself? Download the form ‘Aanvraag individuele verzekering nabestaandenpensioen’ via www.phenc.nl/nabestaandenpensioen. Complete the form. You, your partner and your employer must sign it. Send it back to us.


Getting seperated

If your partner and you separate, your belongings are often divided. Often pension is not considered. If your partner and you divorce or end the registered partnership, this may have consequences for your retirement and survivors' pension. This can be divided. We will automatically get the termination of your relationship through the municipality if you live in the Netherlands. If you don't live in the Netherlands, you will have to inform us yourself.


What about your pension when you separate?

Your ex is entitled to:

  • Half of the retirement pension that you have accrued in the period that you and your ex-partner were married or had a registered partnership. Your pension does not have to be divided if your accrued retirement pension after distribution with your ex-partner falls under the limit of 503,24 gross (per year in 2021).
  • The survivors' pension that you have accrued or the part of the accrued retirement pension that you have converted into survivors' pension goes to your ex-partner.

Are you separating and have you insured a survivors' pension with us for your partner and children? A survivors' pension insurance with us does not apply to an ex-partner. If you die before your retirement date, your ex-partner will not receive a survivors' pension. Your children will still receive an orphan's pension. Have you separated and want to cancel your survivors' pension insurance? Then complete the ‘Formulier beëindiging individuele nabestaandenpensioenverzekering’. Complete the form and send it back to us within 6 months after you have seperated.