Receiving pension abroad

If you live abroad and receive a pension, some of the arrangements are different. This concerns issues that are essential to payment of your pension.

The Certificate of life

If you live in the Netherlands, we automatically receive details about your personal situation via the municipal records. If you reside outside the Netherlands, we do not automatically receive this information through the National Personal Records Database (BRP) of the Netherlands. Every year you need to provide us a with a "Certificate of life" showing us that you are still alive. For this we also use data from the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) in BRP. If you have send a "Certificate of  Life" to the SVB in the current year and it is known in BRP, you do not have to inform us. Your pension benefits will then continue. If this is not known in BRP, we will send you a "Certificate of life" form in the last quarter of the year. You must then complete this form every year and return it to us within 6 weeks. Do you not return the "Certificate of life"? Then we will stop paying your retirement pension.

Payment: a Euro account

Pensioenfonds Horeca & Catering pays your pension in Euros. This is why it is important for you to hold an account denominated in Euros.

Other tax rules may apply abroad.

In accordance with Dutch rules, we withhold tax from your retirement pension. You may pay a second tax on your retirement pension in the country where you live. To prevent this, the Netherlands has made agreements with a large number of countries. Do you want to know if that also applies to the country where you live? Then have a look at or for more information.

Your personal situation: changes

You live abroad and your personal situation changes. What does Pensioenfonds Horeca & Catering want to know from you. And how do you notify us? Let us know when you move abroad or when the number of your bankingaccount changes. You can change this in your own personal environment on